The Encounter Service

           Bishop OKO MENSAH

The Encounter Service

This service is from 10:30am to 12:30pm every Sunday morning. It is very convenient for you when you want to take it easy on a Sunday morning.

Bishop Oko Mensah is the Pastor in charge of this service and is assisted by 10 Reverend Ministers and 18 Lady Pastors.

The service has the Worship Choir, the Encounter Choir, a prayer ministry, the ushering team and a new believers school.

There is a warm family spirit that lingers on even after the grace is shared. After enjoying the best word (saved for the last), the jubilant choruses and the impeccable organization, you will not want to miss another Encounter Service.

For more information please call:  +233 307 010 444 , +233 244 683 502

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